About Me

Hello there,

Welcome to Arms Wide Open. I’m Amanda and if you just happened to stumble upon my page I hope you find it useful and entertaining. For those that I know (hi mom, hi grandma, hi Katie, hi Penny and Jackie!) I hope you enjoy following along this journey of mine.

In my mind, I want Arms Wide Open to not just be a personal blog about me and my travels but also as a motivator for myself to push me to go out and try new things. I am one of those sociable introverts and sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me.  I love being social but, I also find it exhausting and sometimes It can be really hard for me to want to leave my home even when my brain is telling me “it’s a gorgeous day, go out and do something” I also hear “stay, you’re comfortable here” and it is a battle. I am in constant contradiction of myself because of this but I figured I am embarking on this journey that people often talk about doing but rarely do and how lucky am I that I can do this, that I am able to travel, work and experience this life with one a man that I adore?

So why Arms Wide Open? Before I left for my travels, I was in Athens and I took this picture and realized that when my Arms Were Wide Open, I felt free and happy.

It was a moment that I wanted to make sure I felt again. I want to make sure that I keep my Arms Wide Open for the good, the bad and the occasional derpy moment that I am sure will come my way during the next few months of travel. I have no idea how long this journey will be. It might be just a few months it might be a year or two. I just know that I want my arms to be open for every experience. I want to re-discover who I am, I want to push myself and I want to embrace as much as possible.  I know it’s a lot of “I wants” but I think it’s okay to want things for yourself and I’m not sure exactly how this blog will develop but I’m sure as each week goes by it will change slightly, just as I know I will be.

I hope you stick around.