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I don’t normally do posts like these but I just really wanted to give some ❤️ to a few Instagram accounts that I love. Every one of these accounts either inspires me, educates me and sometimes they do both for me. I’m even pretty lucky that because of the internet, I can call a few of these babes IRL friends.




I am so lucky that I can call this babe a friend in real life and not just the interwebs. Annette is the creator of Fat Girls Traveling and is the whole reason why I felt confident to write this post and embrace the word Fat. She is the type of woman who truly supports other women and is there to help you in every way. Plus she posts bomb photos!



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•28K• Hi! My name is Kiona and I post ass shots every 1,000 followers to remind you that you can be smart and still wanna shake your ass and that doesn’t have shit to do with you. 🙂 This ass shot is brought to you by @losttribecarnival! I’m here at Trinidad Carnival so check HIGHLIGHT: TRINIDAD & TRINIDAD CARNIVAL for Carnival weekend festivities! 🥳 Some common misconceptions about carnival are: 🔹Only pretty people are welcomed at carnival. — Not true. @losttribecarnival let’s everyone play they don’t give a fuck what you look like. There’s no photo approval process. — 🔹You have to wear a thong and be naked. — Not true. While there are monokini and cover up options, many people get extra creative on the road and add portions to their costume to fit what feels comfortable to them and that’s completely acceptable. — 🔹It’s expensive af. — Ok that part is true. But for the money you don’t just get a costume. You get access to the parties, 4 meals, all you can drink for 2 days, accessories, backpacks full of goodies to help you stay alive, medics, bathroom trucks, and DJs. — 🔹Carnival is two days of sex. — While I’m sure people have plenty of sex, that would be a disservice to what the celebration actually is. This is a celebration of culture with historical significance. And while the dancing may be intimate, it does not mean sexual. It would be appreciated to check your own preconceived notions of dancing at the door and feel all the joy that comes with this cultural celebration. — 🔹You have to lose weight to look good. — First of all. Everyone looks good. You can’t look bad in these outfits. Also it’s recommended you DON’T lose weight. @instaval_tt says if you’re going to exercise, train for stamina not for weight loss. You need all the energy you can get! — Anymore questions, leave it below! I’m not Trini but local Trini, @malaika8607 is here with me to help answer!

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Don’t let the name fool you, this account is one of the best accounts I follow. I consider myself a  pretty aware and educated person but… Dr. Kiona checks me on the regular and as a result, I find myself learning new things every time I see her posts on the feed or on Instagram stories.



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Let's talk plus size fashion. . . . You guys literally flood my inbox on the regular asking how I stay so stylish while I travel. . . . The truth is that a lot of my favorite brands have stepped up and catered to the plus size market. . . Brands like @oldnavy are my go-to. These jeans are so comfy I never want to take them off. They also accommodate my growing stomach when I decide that hot dogs and tater tots are an acceptable dinner. This top is a perfect embodiment of my outlook on life, a self proclaimed optimist. . . . . Gone are the days of low rise jeans and flowy black tops that end up making me look bigger than I really am. My style is a representation of myself. I'm bright, I'm colorful and I'm on trend. . . . Find the clothes that speak to you and wear them in whatever way you want. So yes to the mini skirt, yes to the crop top and a double yes to the sexy, lacy bodysuit you never thought you could wear out. . . #dresstoimpress

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Another babe I am SO lucky to have in my life. Chantel runs an account that makes you feel whether you know her or not that you and she are BFFS. She exudes this warmth and attitude of love and positivity. And yes, she is just like that in person too. Watch out for this one, she going to make waves in the body positive and travel world.



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Plants on pink 💗🌿

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My Friend Sam from CallMeAdventurous runs this second account dedicated to all things London and it is just so pretty. By following her you are essentially creating your London Iteniary. I know I have a list of places I have to visit when I go there next because of her pictures!



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Obsessed with this @dollskill plus size sheer maxi dress 🙌🏼 • Where else can you have that much 🍑 in broad daylight and no one bat an eye? Only in Las Vegas! Well that and probably #Coachella. • This #PSOOTD is up on the blog [LINK IN BIO 👆🏼👆🏼] • Also talking a bit about my thought process going to Vegas for the first time for fun and not work 🙇🏻‍♀️ • #plusblog #psblogger #plussizeblogger #plussizefashion #boohoobabe #curves #plusmodelmag #ootd #plussizeblog #plussizeboho #fatshion #fatfashion #fatcheeks #bbw #plussizelove #dollskill #dollskillplussize #dollskillclothing #travelinclusivity #plussizetravel #fatgirlstraveling #curvygirltravels #DameTraveler #TravelingLadies #TheTravelWomen #WomenWhoExplore #WomenWhoTravel

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You know how some people are just so pretty that in that you only hope that maybe they aren’t nice or smart because you are a little bitchy and it will even out…? Well, Bianca is not one of those people. She is beautiful, smart and her heart is so big that when you get to be near her in person you are drawn in. Bianca shares all the food snaps and fashion inspo that has me upping my own style. Plus when she is with you she will get down ON THE NYC STREET TO GET THAT ANGLE FOR YA. #TrueFriend ⬇️

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🎶 Making my way downtown walking fast. Faces pass and I'm home bound Staring blankly ahead just making my way. Making a way through the crowd 🎶 New day and different city for me despite this picture being taken in NYC I am currently in San Francisco to celebrate @beaofftheradar’s #dirtythirty and couldn’t imagine not being here to celebrate her. I could only wish that everyone has a friend like Bea in their life. She’s the kinda friend who you call feeling homesick and low and the next day she calls with flight details on when she’s coming to visit ya AND BRINGS YA TACO SEASONING PACKETS AND PATRON. She’s the kind of friend who will have her arms open to catch ya when ya stumble or hug you with your success. Maybe this weekend I can even convince her to step from behind the camera and take a picture with me that’s #insta worthy 😆 I know this picture has nothing to do with this caption except that smile was captured with my @thefatgirlsguide gals and I was happy to be surrounded by strong women and the next few days I get to be around Bea. Friendships are important and also for me so needed for my mental health too. So here is to our squad! 📷 by @biancakarina__ . . . . . . #fatgirl #fatgirlstraveling #plussize #plussizeblog #plussizebloggers #plussizewomen #gltlove #globelletravels #girlslovetravel #openmyworld #takemethere #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards #girlsquad #squadgoals #bodypositivity #love #friendshipgoals #passionpassport #fatshion #friendship #womenempowerment #bffs #friends #nyc #womeninspiringwomen #newyorkcity

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I found Kelsey’s account when I spent time in Vietnam and she commented on one of my photos and the rest was internet history. Kelsey and her love of Vietnam is one of the main reasons why I consider giving Vietnam a second chance because if she loves it, I must have missed something. She takes stunning photos and will respond to every question you have. Just an all over babe!



Natalie, even though I don’t know her has me personally messaging her almost every time she is hiking or camping because she swims with crocodiles and all scary things checking that she is alive. Natalie’s account shows parts of Australia that I think tend to get overshadowed and I know that when I make it over there, I will be asking her for all the tips to have the ultimate outdoor experience. She is truly authentic with her experiences and shares the good, the bad and the silly.


I used to play with this lady back in the day when we were neighbors in Pakistan and we reconnected last year when I was in Malaysia. I LOVE this account and if you are a fellow PCOS and body postive lover, then this an account you got to be following. Not only will you get workout tips (for free) but you are motivated to learn more about PCOS. Asia is slowly catching up to the plus size movement and it is in part due to accounts like just like this one.  Plus you might spot a familiar face in this viral photo that made waves around Instagram… #THATSMYFRIEND


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Go on and follow these babes, you won’t regret it!


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