9 Places to Eat in Ubud and A Unique Thing To Do Beyond the Bali Swing

Whether you are a vegan, meat lover or looking for traditional food or something a little different, these 9 places are a must when in Ubud to eat at. When Sean and I first landed in Ubud, we were there for a long weekend where I gave the best answer in my life (read about it here cause I know you want to know) but the second time around we had a lot more time to eat at a bunch of different places.  And wow, was the food good!  Plus, if you read until the end I talk about a truly unique experience to do while in Ubud and was a highlight of my time there.



bridges ubud place to eat

When people ask me about the highlight of traveling one my go-to is the moment Sean, his mom Jackie and I ate at bridges Bali. More particularly I talk about how we shared a dish to start and it left us speechless. The Suckling Pig Tortellini which combines one of Bali’s most famous dishes (suckling pig) and a traditional Italian pasta is STUNNING. When we all took a bite, every single one of us had a moment with that dish. It was served with braised leek, asparagus and spicy Balinese bumbu, watercress purée, crispy prosciutto, and pearl onion. If I close my eyes, I can still taste it.

bridges ubud place to eat

Don’t judge this dish by my crappy food picture!

The service was brilliant, the views stunning and the food delicious. It is a splurge but for Jackies Birthday, we figured we could live a little. Also, this is considered an affordable splurge compared to the US and UK where a meal of the same quality would have cost well over $250, we spent half of that. It’s a must do with a great happy hour. Highly recommend calling ahead to book a table with the best view or booking online! PS they have a fantastic wine and cocktail list too!



When I tell you that Ubud helped change my mindset about vegan food being tasty, Kismet is part of the reason why. This place is beautiful and you use a little light to order but their mango smoothie is healthy and refreshing. It’s their grain bowels that are the show stopper though. Kismet is the perfect place for lunch and surrounded by some great stores where you can drop that hard earned money on after eating too!

Ubud Unique Places To Eat


When I say they have the best-pulled jackfruit, I mean it. I felt like I was being PunkD because it tasted like pulled pork but it wasn’t. They have a jackfruit burrito and their chocolate vegan cookies had Sean and I eating here a few times too many. Did I mention Sage was also across the street from our co-working space, Outpost? Also, another favorite of ours was the Tempeh Buffalo Wings!

Ubud Places To Eat Bali Unique



Did you know that Tempeh originated in Indonesia and is the only major soy food that did not originate from Greater Chinese cuisine? Tempeh is a must when in Bali and is common for those who eat vegan. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into cake form. You will see it used in a variety of ways including in local food too!


Bali Soul Warung

This 6 table Warung was another frequent lunch spot for us and it wasn’t just cause it was close to Outpost. This place had the most incredible Nasi Goreng and better yet, it was super affordable. Don’t expect your food to arrive quickly but do expect lots of smiles and an ice-cold coconut! It’s on a quiet street near Monkey Forest and is a great place to unwind after a chaotic morning. Make sure to try the porridge (pictured below) which ended up being one of Sean’s favorite dishes he had whilst in Bali.

Bali Ubud Unique Places To Eat


Arang Sate Bar

For an elevated meal that works for either lunch or dinner, Arang Sate Bar delivers. The decor is insanely cool but their dishes are even better. Sean and I found ourselves eating here to celebrate our engagement for lunch. We tried pretty much the whole menu and each dish tasted better than the last! Perfect place to eat after exploring the local temples in Ubud or after one of the Fire Temple dances.


Ubud Unique Places to eat Bali

Image from Arang Sate Bar

Taco Casa

Sometimes all you want is a decent Mexican food. Lucky for you Taco Casa delivers and you don’t have to pay an obscene amount for that sweet meal too. Recommend the nachos, guacamole, and beef burrito. Perfect place to go when you need a break from all the noodle dishes and vegan food!

Ubud Unique Places TO Eat Bali


This place is super healthy and all about the natural ingredients. It’s a little expensive but man is the setting worth the price. Settled above a chaotic road sits Zest. You have rice fields on one side and a view of the bridge on the other. The food is good but I think it is godly if you are vegan and or super health conscious. If you’re like me, you’re more so there for the ambiance and to try and pretend that you care about healthy food. They also do Yoga trance parties and other yogi events too! Fun fact… Russell Simmons loves this place and on our last night in Ubud, we saw him there. Stalker picture of him in the gallery slideshow below!

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What a hidden gem in Ubud. This place was one of our go-to for big portions of homemade Balinese food in a gorgeous setting. The back of the restaurant is a garden patio with painted tables, walls and pieces of art that make it seem new every time you go there. You can not pick a dish that is bad here. Every single thing is damn good. I loved the satay, I loved the pork and I loved the watermelon juice. They also offer cooking classes and the women who cooks and owns it, is sweet. She can easily make things more or less spicy for you too.

Unique Places To eat Ubud Bali

Fuzion Cafe

Is there anything better than pizza and wine??? Yes, when it doesn’t cost you an arm and leg! Fuzion Cafe was down the road from where we were staying and we frequented it a lot. They offer vegan choices too and they have an actual wood-fire oven. The restaurant itself isn’t as glamorous as Zest but they offer 3 tables with a view of a rice field next door and its comfortable. The wifi is okay if you want to do a bit of work and the service is always done with a smile. We enjoyed the pizza and wine and never had a bad meal when here. They also deliver if you can figure out how to explain where you are staying! It is a must eat when you want a little Italian.

Places to eat Bali Ubud unique

Ubud, You Got That Foodie Vibe Down

The thing about Ubud is you really can’t go wrong with the food. There are plenty of places for all budgets and styles of food. There are also new places that pop every week. A quick google search also will show you the best Instagram Hotspots for food and more and we went to a few of those and enjoyed it. To be honest, Sean and I never really had a bad meal in Ubud. So when in doubt, just go to what looks good but don’t be afraid to try other types of cuisine when abroad too! Not mentioned above but should be considered is Warung Little India. I think often when we travel we think we have to only eat the local food which you should of course do but also I love trying different cuisines abroad. To see how they adapt it to the local produce or if they make it spicier or what they use to replicate a certain spice or protein. Sometimes its great and other times it is awful but it always leaves a memory!

Unique Activity in Bali

I can’t take the credit in finding this unique activity. Jackie, Sean’s mom did and I wasn’t sure about it to begin with but, I am SO glad we did it in the end. What is it you ask? We did a silver making class by Ubud famous jeweler Chez Monique! It is an easy walk from the center of Ubud and you take the class in the family compound. You work with silver and you can make something of your own design or from a book.

How It Works

Once you have figured out what you are making (which I suggest you think about before arriving) the lovely guys will help you. This is important to know, you get given a free amount of silver but it can be extra depending on what you decide to make. So you could end up paying a lot BUT it is all real silver. They are very good about telling you estimates on how much it will cost. Never once did I feel put off or that they were trying to upsell me. The cost of the class is around $31 or 450K IDR.

You sit at your own table and are guided on how to make whatever it is you are making. Depending on your piece is also what type of equipment you will need. Sean got to use the fire, whereas I used mainly a hammer. Jackie, used a little bit of everything as she made a slightly more intricate piece. I still wear what I made on a weekly basis and it still looks brand new. It was an experience, I look back fondly on and was something we all enjoyed doing together.

Unique Things To Do Ubud


Who is Chez Monique

Chez Monique has a store in Ubud center if you want to buy instead of make. They are well-known for quality silver and have experience of over 5 decades and have created 1,000 of unique keepsakes of silver. The main man himself helped with the class and he was so nice and pleasant. We ended up going on a slightly rainy day which was perfect! To book the class you need to email them and we did it a few days in advance and they do take credit cards. We ended up spending about $170 on three pieces of silver and the class cost.

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That’s It

With this post is my last Bali post for now! I might have a few more up my sleeve but I got other countries to catch up on including Hong Kong, India and of course Chiang Mai. Make sure to stick around and if you end up eating at any of the places above, do let me know how you like it! Now, I gotta go eat a snack cause writing this and editing this has made me SUPER HUNGRY.