Unpack The Bag

I unpack quickly wherever I am. Even if we are just there for a night. This is how I have always been, even as a child. Nowadays, it is even more important as a full-time digital nomad. I unpack what I need and always put up this framed photo of Sean and I (picture below). That picture has traveled all around the world. I know some of you are probably thinking I am crazy but when you live out of just one suitcase and don’t really have a home, your things become part home. Which is why I love that this time around Sean and I are staying put longer in places with Chiang Mai being the longest we’ve stayed in one location yet. I have loved doing a bit of nesting. One life’s simple but expensive pleasures is the home section of a big store!

Home Digital Nomad

I am best when I can get comfortable in a place. Not only does it make me more adventurous but it also helps me to have a routine. I like that the people at our regular coffee stops know us. I like that I know where different street food vendors are depending on the day. I also love that we have a water bill to pay and I also love how easy it is to do weekend trips to different areas. Better yet, I love that I can buy certain groceries and not be worried or annoyed at leaving them behind after a month. Hello, spices!


No Shame In The Multi-Suitcase Game

I am expert at making any place feel like home because when you are the daughter of a US Diplomat, you move often and the houses might change but home doesn’t. I know sometimes what I pack is ridiculous. When I moved to London, I had an extra suitcase just full of stuff for my room. It would have been cheaper to buy all of it there but, there is something about immediately having access to familiar. It let me have the boring stuff already taken care of and I got to do the fun stuff like decorations instead.

Home Digital Nomad

Baby Amanda not knowing that in just a few months she’d the man she would marry and how good Doner Kebabs actually are.

Luckily, Sean is also part of feeling like I am home wherever I am but when that isn’t it enough I make sure to do the following wherever I am.

  1. Unpack and hang up clothes BEFORE ANYTHING except maybe if I am hungry. Then eat first
  2. Put the toiletries out on display (this simple act makes a big difference)
  3. Find the closest coffee shop
  4. Discover the closest (not best) place to get easy food
  5. Put up art or other souvenirs on display if staying more then a few weeks
  6. Join a Facebook Group of expats or digital nomads for that place if available (use the search function for any questions you have and if there aren’t answers ASK IT)
  7. Go to a meet-up to said Facebook group
  8. Act like you are on holiday the first few days. This includes eating meals out, shopping and indulging. It helps you get a feel for what is around and what price point you are comfortable with.


Home Is What You Make It

That’s it. It really isn’t that hard to make yourself feel at home, even for just a few days. The most important thing though when traveling is to make sure you are comfortable. For some people that is an article of clothing and other’s its the freedom of adventure. There is nothing wrong with bringing something with you that brings you comfort when traveling. If it takes up space, so be it. As there is nothing like having that item when you not only want it but need it. Safe travels my loves. Is there anything you do to make yourself feel at home when traveling?