Campuhan Ridge Walk

One of my favorite parts of Ubud is that in the chaos there are these little pockets of serenity from the temples to hidden rice fields in the middle of town. Ten minutes from the center of Ubud where cars are aplenty is the Campuhan Ridge Walk. It is popular with locals and tourists alike. The walk through famous can hold moments of emptiness depending on the time of day. Sean and I found ourselves walking on this path often due to the picturesqueness of it but also it was an easy walk and a way for us to walk on a path without having to pay attention to any scooters or cars around us because there were none! Making it a fantastic way to mentally check out and enjoy the views while getting a little exercise. Plus, sweeping hilltop views are always a go-to and Campuhan Ridge Walk always delivered those every time.


How To Get There

Almost every taxi driver will know how to get there. If you are getting there yourself on scooter or Bike, head to the Ibah Resort and Spa. When you turn into it you will see a road to your left, go down there and you will see two parking lots that you can use. I’d recommend the bottom one as the taxis tend to use the first one and will move your bike if it’s in the way.  Then you will walk down the hill and stay to the right and go down the stairs under the bridge (Away from the temple) and then you will see a sign. Follow the clearly marked path and after about 5-10 minutes of a gradual incline, you will be on the ridge!


Don’t Gotta Be In Shape For This Walk

This walk is doable by almost all ages and fitness levels. What will really get you is the heat and sun as there is no shade on the 2 km walk. Make sure to either go early morning or early evening. You can wear whatever you want really thus, why it is the perfect Instagram spot but I do recommend shoes a bit sturdier than plastic flip-flops.  Don’t forget water and sunscreen either. The sun is very unforgiving if you are walking in the middle of the day!

campuhan ridge walk

campuhan ridge walk

One of the many type of views you see while on the walk


Enjoy a break at Karsa Kafe

When you head up the stairs of the walk you will start to see art galleries, hotels, and cafes. Keep walking a little past all of them until you reach Karsa Kafe. Karsa Kafe is a popular spot and when you see it’s surroundings you can understand why. We often spent more time in one of the huts over the water than on the actual walk, sipping fruit shakes and enjoying the view. Their eggplant dip is pretty delicious too. They also offer Spa services but it was slightly out of budget for us but still inexpensive compared to Europe and America.

campuhan ridge walk

After enjoying a break here, you can either continue on the walk and make a full circle back to Ubud or turn back around and walk back. If you are really tired, there is transportation you can take back to wherever you want in Ubud starting at around 100,000 IDR. The walk back is easy and depending on when you do, you could start to see the sunset.

campuhan ridge walk

Our friends Zoe and Karem!


Told you, it really is that easy! Coming up next on the blog is about a walk that I didn’t like and why… Did I mention this walk is considered one of THE things to see and do when in Bali? Stay tuned and make sure to follow me on Instagram to know when it is live. Any guesses where I’m talking about? Tell me below!

campuhan ridge walk