When I dreamed about planning my wedding, I never thought that my first decision would be about where people would be going to the bathroom. Yet, here I am after making my first wedding decisions (besides where and when) and it was about porta potties. I suppose that is to be expected when you are inviting over fifty people to a rural part of Italy cause I mean, everyone will gotta go pee at some point or another and one bathroom just wouldn’t cut it. I just never knew from all those months of Pinterest planning that would be my first act as a bride-to-be. Also, there are so many porta potties to choose from and they can get expensive!!! Luckily, it was a relatively easy choice (we went for a level above basic and have a decorating budget for it. Thanks google image search for some ideas) but it got me thinking about how for a girl who can take a month on what type of shoes to get… how this is gonna be a beautifully stressful thing to plan a destination wedding while traveling.


Destination Wedding Italy

Pinterest Wedding

I’m in that point of wedding planning where I am going from Pinterest Pinning to having to start to make actual choices and decisions. The re-pinning is fun and all but it is game time. On one hand, it is great because hypotheticals stress me out. Now that we have a few key things locked down I can start planning. The other hand, there is still a lot of decisions to be made that I can’t quite do right now so I feel as if I am in this weird flux. I have my lists and actions yet, here I am having to wait. I made my bridal dress appointments but now I have to let them know styles I like so they can try and get gowns for me to try on (that’s a whole other post for another day) and then depending on the style I get, I can officially narrow down my bridesmaid and flower dress options. I also might be facing some extra charges because the timeline for ordering might be a bit quick. Yet, November was the earliest I could make it back to the States to get my dress. Instead of freaking out about it, I’m actually feeling pretty relaxed about it.



Destination Wedding Italy


The Not So Easy Part

I am such a planner but it is hard when you are slightly indecisive, working against budgets and also dealing with a destination wedding while traveling. Luckily, we hired a wedding planner Chiara from L’Arabesque Events who is a dream. We haven’t made it easy for her. We are not doing anything typical. We aren’t having it at a venue but using the town my mom lives in which requires permits, permissions and a whole slew of other things… all in Italian but also having the party at my mom’s house. That requires a slight headache as normal things you don’t have to normally think about at a venue like enough bathrooms (thus the porta potties), space for caters to do their thing and of course, having to get back up generators for music, lights and yet, Chiara and us are having to figure it out. That also isn’t even including the paperwork that we will have to deal with from two different countries in a completely separate country that Sean and I are even from. Yet, despite these mini-headaches, I am so utterly excited to get married in Montefino. To share this incredibly magical place with our loved ones. Montefinio is where Sean and I started this journey and it only seems fitting to end one chapter and start another there too.


Destination Wedding Italy

Just one of the views (except more green cause it will be spring instead of winter) that we will have during the wedding!


Montefino, My Love!

It will be so rewarding to not only bring our two massive families together (probably a first and last time extended family will all be together) but also friends from around the world in a little sleepy Italian town that means so much to Sean and I. We are so excited to be surrounded by loved ones who are making the trek but it is also a lot. I’ve never been good about spending money on myself and that is what a wedding essentially is. One big charge and any excuse to spend money on things that you have wanted: Hair, makeup, shoes, great food, drinks, cake, music and also a video solely based on me and Sean? Yes, please but still AHHHH.

Luckily, I have a groom-to-be that wants to be involved (which is also a con at times :P) a family who will DIY until the very last moment, a bridal party who are full of advice and bless the internet for letting us plan this wedding from anywhere in the world. We are currently working on the wedding website but Sean just got two new clients with a tight deadline, so now I gotta wait cause he is coding it from hand. So while I wait for that, I’ll be doing some pricing out before Sean and I have to head to Italy before the States ( I know that isn’t really an issue). We originally thought we could make catering choices and deposits in January but it has been recommended we come earlier than that. Food is a major part for us, so it is a sacrifice we are willing to make in the name of our guest’s stomachs!  We’ve had to re-arrange a holiday and budget to make it work but honestly, I’m not complaining. Luckily, flights to Europe from India are pretty cheap. It is actually almost comparable to us flying from Chiang Mai to India… Flight prices are whack sometimes!


Destination Wedding Italy

I cannot wait to say I Do to you, Sean!


Lastly, there is also an informal engagement BBQ to plan because the fact is, not a lot of people have seen Sean and I together as a couple for more than a day or so cause meeting in London and then traveling, a lot of my friends have only been able to meet him on quick trips home or Skype calls. I want to make sure Sean and I have for the most part have met every person invited to the wedding. It also will be a party to see friends who I haven’t seen in a while and due to the limited size of the venue (aka my mom’s house), I couldn’t invite to the actual wedding but want to celebrate with. I know that isn’t normal but again, when have I ever done something normal? So I have no doubt I’ll be saying I do on May 25, 2019, but until then I hope you enjoyed #WilkTheySayIdo part 1 of who the Lord knows how many of!


Destination Wedding Italy

Any tips on wedding planning, let me know and this includes some self-care tips too please share below.