Well… it has it been a while since I’ve updated on here and for that I am sorry. I have so many half-finished blog posts about Bali that will be going live over the next few weeks including a semi-controversial one which I have just posted about here. BUT, during this time I have realized a few things. When I try to write these big travel blogger-esque posts, I find myself getting distracted because it’s not what I really want to be writing about. Which is why it goes sitting half done for a few weeks and then I move on. So after I finish all these Bali posts, I’ll be taking a step back from blogger posts and focusing more on me, myself, wedding and more.


Which if you stick around will be about living in Chiang Mai for 3 months. So trying to get a routine of life from going to the gym, making friends and potentially some other long-term decisions. This will also, of course, include a few day trips, sights to see and all the best places to eat but in a more informal post, cause that is who I am. They will be shorter, and as a result, I will most likely be posting more frequently. My Instagram will include more information that will be helpful and as always, If you want me to write about something in particular or answer something, let me know. I’m happy to share my knowledge and tips and or share the bloggers who are posting the information you need.  Arms Wide Open is changing directions a bit and I hope you stick along for the ride.

Sentence Updates Cause Why Not

Our suitcase is now at capacity at 30 KG which means I gotta be a little better about what I buy from place to place.

Trying to get Paid… Invoices are not suggested pay and a just pay me when you can sorta thing. The last few months Sean and I have had clients who aren’t paying invoices on time and as a result, it throws off our budget. We’ve started implementing a late fee but currently, I am still waiting to get paid. It is a hard balance cause often they are waiting for the clients to pay them so they pay you. We are pretty understanding and give a month for clients to pay without a fee but don’t HIRE FREELANCERS IF YOU CAN’T PAY ON TIME.

I started a new business service on GO Digital where I will write a digital strategy for you. Check it out here.

Life Update

I am working on a new article for publication and its a lot of research but I think it will be super good. You better share it when I do!

Trump still sucks.

My Mac motherboard got fried just before the ultimate Bali holiday and I am currently writing this on a Chromebook which Sean’s mom has graciously given me to use but it’s true, once you go, Mac, you can’t go back. UPDATE ON THIS UPDATE: Sean’s Mac got fried too due to Bali Humidity… So we fixed one (mine) but Sean needs it for his work so I’m still chromebooking it up but we will be buying new ones when we visit Hong Kong in September!

I love riding scooters but don’t love the whole driving them illegally thing so gonna makes sure to get my IDL when I’m back stateside.

Reunited with my Best Friend and Co-Maid of Honour and was reminded about hangovers… LOL

Life Update

Isn’t my BFF a babe?!

I love ride-sharing apps. Boy did I miss Grab. Grab was a no-go in Bali which really impacted me a lot more than I thought it would.

Working on a new idea that I think a lot of you will love… #ComingSoon

Sean and I went from hypothetical planning to actual planning to our wedding. I actually have bridal dress appointments made. We also locked down where we are getting married in Montefino and AH SO BEAUTIFUL!

We signed a 3-month lease for a studio in Nimman in Chiang Mai.

Life Update


I love catching up with old friends in totally different countries from where we met! Been nice to be reunited and meet friends partners/husbands and we’ve only been here for two weeks.

Bummed about Croatia losing the final of the World Cup.

We are falling in love with Chiang Mai and I can’t wait to share why but here is a picture that might help explain it…

Life Update

Rainbow over our new home city


And that is it. I hope you stick around and here is to more frequent posting!






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