When I met Sean on December 14th, 2015 I knew he was going to be special. He was kind, funny, handsome and I could listen to him talk for hours and it wasn’t just because of his accent. His insights and brain captivated me instantly. We both fell in love fast and even now I fall in love with him more and more each week. Which is why when he got down on one knee in Bali and asked me to be his wife it was the easiest yes I have ever said.


How We Met

Not everyone knows this but we met online. Which is only fitting for my love of all things internet. OkCupid brought us together. I logged on to delete my account as I was about to go home for a bit and needed to focus on the mound of postgraduate essays that were due the next month. I saw I had a few messages so a quick check and I remember instantly honing in on his message. His big head and smile looking at me. Needless to say, the rest was history.

Non-stop WhatsApp messages and a few days later we had our first date. It was magical and I even roll my eyes when I talk about it still. The next day though, we had our 2nd date before I got on a plane to go surprise my family for the holidays. We talked every day before seeing each other hungover on New Years Day.

Our very first photo together…!!


The Talk

I could skip this part but it wouldn’t be the truth. I knew a proposal was going to be happening. In fact, I even know the date of our wedding, we both did.  I just didn’t know when or how he would ask.

Sean made it clear he wanted to marry me in year one. I made it clear that a proposal before 2 years is not what I wanted. I’m a firm believer that 2 years allows you to completely know a person as no one can hide them true self for that long. Then we started traveling and Sean on the sly started saving up to buy a ring. A feat that is hard for anyone but especially hard when you share a budget with your partner.

In November, we had a talk about where we saw the next year going and if the States were what we wanted. It was and is. So we did some math and picked a time that we were both comfortable with and I started sending him ring pictures for inspiration 😛 I also created secret Pinterest Boards that I wasn’t very subtle about being on and he’d laugh at me. It was silly and perfect for us.


The Where

I am the planner in this relationship. I enjoy it. So when Sean surprised me with three envelopes that enclosed 3 different countries to go to. I was on instant alert and ended up picking a jungle getaway to Ubud. The date of when we were leaving and how many days we’d be gone was all I knew. That was it. I knew nothing else. He wouldn’t even tell me where we were staying. For a girl with anxiety it killed me but for the romantic in me, I was swooning.

Which is why when we drove up to Maya Resort and Spa, I was in shock. We do budget travel. The Maya greeted us with a fresh cold towel, a mango and sour drink and smiles. A golf-cart ride later we arrived at our villa where just three days later would play a significant role in one of the happiest moments of my life.


Bali Sean Proposal


We had a private plunge pool, a pillow and bath menu and an incredible bathtub. It was paradise. The next two days were full of cocktails, massages, pool time and a nature walk by the river.


Bali Sean Proposal

The Proposal

There is a weird feeling waking up and knowing that at some point in the afternoon or evening you’d be an engaged person. I felt calm, excited and nervous about what to wear. A morning by the pool, playing cards and splitting a fruit platter. Sean told me I would need to be ready at 4:15 for what he planned and to look nice.

After a dip in our own private pool, Sean asked me to get dressed. I sort of blacked out with the next few minutes. I remember haphazardly putting lipstick on asking:

“Are you sure right now? I haven’t even showered.

Are you sure? It’s not fair, you are showered.

I have sunscreen on my face still.”

Then the music starts playing and Sean took my hand. Dancing me out to our little yard standing by the tree. I remember tears and looking at him. I remember him taking and I remember what he said to me. He was crying. I was crying. A few minutes later he got down on one knee and well… I said yes.


After Saying Yes

We ordered a flower bath and enjoyed the moment just the two of us. Looking out at the tree where he proposed. In typical Sean fashion, he told me that wasn’t how he had planned it. That in the pool he decided just wanted it to be the two of us. Not in front of some photographer hidden in the trees. As such the camera he did set up somewhere in the garden record everything but the actual moment itself. There was glitch so we have a few minutes of us crying and looking beautiful and then it just stopped recording. Sod’s law eh. It was a very us proposal and honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Bali Sean Proposal


My only regret is that my memory is blanking me. Every day I remember more of the specific moment itself. So in a way every day since I have been proposed to.


Friends and Family

In a not so typical Amanda move, I actually was not active at all on social that weekend. I knew this was going to be a trip to remember. Unlike any trip Sean and I had experienced together. So I lived in the moment. We woke my mother up with the news as she had to be the first to know. Because of the time difference, we waited for a more reasonable hour to call the rest of our family and friends.  To pass the time we celebrated with fruity drinks while overlooking one of the most stunning sunsets we’ve seen.

Bali Sean Proposal

We called the rest of our family and friends while ordering room service. Starting our meal with dessert first. In-between bites of Nasi Goreng laughing with friends and family. By 10 we were exhausted and climbed into the giant bed and talked until we fell asleep with Sean’s arms around me.


The Pictures

For someone who loves having her photo taken this was the first time, I have ever had a professional photographer. I wasn’t totally prepared for it. I didn’t really have makeup but had a dress that I loved and Sean loved. Our photographer Gede was incredible and I think we made him laugh with our energy and me running all over the place. We might not have had the exact moment captured for the world to see but just an hour or so after.

Enough time for the puffy eyes to go down but not enough that we weren’t still in shock. Thank you, Gede for capturing this moment for us and creating yet another fun and loving memories for us.

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My Love

Thank you, Sean. I adore you and love you. I can not wait to be your wife. Also, I can’t wait to plan an epic wedding…. Now I just have to figure out what to do first!

Bali Sean Proposal