Day in the life of... Amanda McCullough

A Day in the life of… Amanda McCullough

Full disclosure, it might seem like we are constantly doing cool things in our lives but the truth is… We are actually pretty boring people. I think what makes us seem a bit more exciting is the fact that we have the freedom to do what we want when we want. Also, location is pretty much the whole exciting factor. So by temporarily living in Bangkok, it makes us seem adventurous. That and cheap flights to exciting places makes it a heck of a lot easier to have a unique long weekend.  In reality, a day in the life of us is actually pretty normal. Lucky for us, it can be done really in any part of the world. This is what makes us workers and travelers.  

I wasn’t really sure what to write this week as for a lack of better of words Sean and I haven’t done anything really exciting. Nothing that deserves a blog post about. We’ve just been settling into a new daily routine and enjoying having a place on our own again. The last previous 4 months we’ve been with family and except for two weeks in St Ives (which now upon further thought… WHY HAVE I NOT WRITTEN ABOUT THAT? There was so much to do. I loved it. *Adds to my must write list*) we have not been alone. So it has been nice this past month just sort being with Sean again. Living our life just the two of us.

A Day In The Life of Amanda McCullough

As long as I get fresh fruit anything then I am perfectly happy with the life that I am living to be honest.


Getting That Routine Life

This past week, we joined a Co-working space and it has been nice separating our home and work space. We also, dare I say it now have a routine again. Honestly, it has been so helpful for my anxiety. Bonus: There is something about being able to sleep without setting an alarm for the morning. It is a special type of freedom in our lives to be able to do that. We only set alarms if we have travel that day, otherwise, there is nothing better about letting our bodies wake up when we are ready. But, of course, we normally wake up the same time cause we are creatures of habits.

One thing that is new for us this time around is our workouts in the gym. A new requirement for us if we can afford it is staying in apartments that have a gym. This helps us with the goal of working out every other day. So far, we’ve been really loving it and it makes us feel a bit better about getting those Thai Milk Teas and smoothies. Not sure if you know this but in Thailand, they love sugar in their drinks. It can almost be sickeningly sweet. That and salt so be careful about your sugar and salt intake!!

We workout in the morning but before that, there is lounging in bed, not talking to one other as we check our phones.   You know the normal life things… Gotta check the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email all without talking to one other. Ah, romance! For me, it is also actual prime time to talk to friends and family back home which has been SO NICE. Then it is work. We work a solid 4-6 hours a day (maybe less or maybe more depending on the week) and then I’m sorta on-call in the evening until 10. This involves me just checking and browsing different clients profiles. Then repeat.

In between that, I will also normally do research and browse flights for future trip ideas. I have an on-going list of place, things to do and hotels that are cool. See! It’s not the most exciting thing, we switch it up depending on if we want to do something fun. That is the best part. If we want to take the day off we have the freedom to move things around and do it. I can only think of a handful of times where we have not been able to do that cause of deadlines and client expectations.  I will never-not get tired of being able to just go somewhere without having to explain myself.

Happy With Part-Time Work

That is why we do this. It might not mean we make the most money but we are happy. We joke that if we actually worked full-time how much more money we could be making but we are happy with where we are for the time being. When we work, we work hard, efficiently and keep the hustle going. Though something will never change for me, I’ll respond to emails later a night if I am up or check on things. It doesn’t bother me though to do that. I am happy to do that because I always want to make sure my clients are happy and I haven’t had any complaints yet.

So there you have it. I know no one asked for this but this is what a typical day in the life is for me.


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