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Hello, friends and interwebs people

Boy has it been awhile so once more, let me say hello! I took the last month or so off to enjoy time being with Sean and his family. Seeing friends and indulging in gin and tonics and it was perfect. Now, I am sitting in the living room of our temporary apartment in Pattaya, Thailand feeling happy, a little nervous and excited.

We have officially been in Thailand for a week and man, I love this country. Thailand is one of my favorite places in the world and it’s not just because you can get fresh fruit for under a buck. It’s familiar while also being new and exciting. When I was living in Dhaka, I spent many holidays and long weekends in Bangkok shopping and enjoying the best buffets the city has to offer. Now, that I’m older I experience different things on different budgets (though, shout out to Dad and Pinny for picking up the check more often than not when we are with them).

Sean and I have decided that we are staying in Thailand until Mid-April and I can not be more excited. There were a variety of reasons as why we picked Bangkok as our home base. Keep reading to see what some the mains ones are:


Same Same but Different

It’s like London (but not in costs) in terms of easy access to multiple destinations without needing to spend a fortune. Bangkok is the capital and has access to international and domestic flights to not only places within Thailand but Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and more without having to drop a couple hundred. There are also TONS of places just a few hours outside of Bangkok that offer so much to see and do that it will be easy to spend a weekend here and there off the beaten track.  


Saving Money Per KG

Having an apartment long-term versus short-term is saving us all the money. Traveling with your whole life in a suitcase can be a bit much. It can be tiring and also adds up. Sure, flying Air Asia is cheap but when you add in the extra $50 you spend on adding a 20KG suitcase (when you start with 30 KG) is stressful and makes seeing more places harder. This time, we can enjoy the cheap flights without shelling out extra for a suitcase as we will be weekend travelers this time around. As such, we’ll just need backpacks, not a whole suitcase. That alone will save us SO much and enable us to fly to more places and cut down travel times.


Hello Co-Working World

Co-working spaces are aplenty in this bustling hub and all at different budgets. One area that Sean and I both really wanted to explore was this “digital nomad” life. Last year we were more travelers, this time we want to focus a bit more on meeting other people who are working and traveling like we do. Which means shelling out the money for the perfect coworking space that offers wifi, events and good vibes. So if anyone has any recommendations do me a favor, drop them below


That Family Connection

Spending time with my dad. My dad and I have had a distant relationship these past few years. Between emotions, countries and having our own lives, we didn’t see each other very often. In the past year though, that has really changed. When we first started traveling last year, we ended up seeing him and his wife, Pinny a few times last year. They even came and spent a long weekend with us in Hoi An.

Personality wise, we are eerily similar in many aspects. More often than not, we make the same jokes or find the same things funny. My sarcasm I get from him and I notice this more and more as I get older…  They are also allowing us to spend time in their studio apartment in Pattaya. This allows us to save up some money before we move into our Bangkok apartment. So, thanks you two.

Dad and I, last year around this time in Athens, Greece.

The reality is, this will probably be the last time that I will ever be able to live near my dad who lives full time in Bangkok. I wanted to give myself a chance to see him as much as possible before we start our next chapter in the states. Flying to Asia won’t really be in our budget as we settle down and if not now then when. So if you’re reading this Dad, I’m gonna pester you for weekly dinners and I look forward to our planned weekend trips with one other.


Home Away From Home

Comfort. As many of you know, I can be anxious and as such need a bit more time to adapt to my surroundings. By staying here for more than a month it allows me the time I need to push myself. An added bonus is because I know Thailand I’m already pretty comfortable here allowing me to dive almost all the way in and not waste a minute. So bring on the next 3 months of adventure, days at home, street food and more. I am oh so ready for it.


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