The last two months or so things have been pretty slow for me when it comes to freelance work and it has been an adjustment. I’m not sure exactly what to do with myself during the day and some days I am on it, applying for jobs and other days I say screw it. I read a book or watch Netflix or if the sun is out, sit in the sun and just enjoy. There are a few reasons why I am taking my time to get back into work. One of them being is I value my time and now know what type of clients I want to work with. The other being is I recently went through a big lifestyle change and needed some surgery for my health.

It’s the real reason why Sean and I are back in Italy is so I can recover and so Sean wasn’t on his own and could have some help with from my mom.Now before I get much further, I am fine and recovering well. Slowly but all things considering am A-okay. I don’t really want to hone in on what exactly and when and if I am ready to ever talk about it, I will but until then I am fully taking advantage of this opportunity to recover without a stress of multiple clients.

Luckily for us, Sean has been pretty much non-stop with work the last few months. We are doing fine! Also, helps that mom is charging #norent. In fact, Sean and I are working on something that we know will help us down the line. I CAN NOT  wait to share it with you next month when we are done! I do feel bad though. The days that I play Sims or read while Sean is working and stressing. Or for the days that  I let my pride get in the way and turn down an offer. (I AM SORRY BUT WORKING ON 5 DIFFERENT CLIENTS POSTING MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY ON ALL PLATFORMS FOR $180 IS NOT ENOUGH. I’m a freelancer, not a FREE worker.)

But the fact is, this is Freelance life. Some months we are so busy that we have to remind ourselves to slow down. Whereas other months we hear nothing and realize we gotta cut back. Life sometimes means we can’t get an ice cream or treat every day.  We’ve been lucky that we have savings and yes we have to occasionally dip but it is still so worth it.

Sean and I recently sat down and talked about where we want to go next year. Meaning, we are starting to plan the last half of this journey.  I am excited and ready as before we focused a lot on travel and ourselves. This time around we want to embrace the Digital Nomad lifestyle a bit more. Meaning, we will be joining co-working places and heading to some of the Nomad Hubs.

So while yes, things have been slow it almost feels like it was meant to be. Last year when we arrived in Italy we were burned out. This time around, Sean and I are both happy and nowhere near as burnt out as we were. It feels like things have come full circle. Making me excited to see what 2018 will bring.



I wrote this blog post a few weeks ago and have since gotten a new client which is keeping me busy. I am slowly easing myself back into work after my surgery. With every day since my surgery, I feel more like myself and my energy is growing. Exciting things are happening and I can’t wait to share!


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