6 months

Wow, I can’t believe that TODAY marks my 6 months of traveling and digital nomad journey. A lot has happened over these last few months. Originally, I was going to do a sort of photo essay of my three favorite pictures from each month but I just couldn’t do that. I had too many. I was stressing cause I was trying to find a balance and then I realized that my Instagrams are my photo journey. So if you aren’t following me on my personal or travel one, you are really missing out. (Hint, hint.)

Before writing anything more, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has read these posts over the last 6 months. Especially to those who have messaged me personally. It has truly meant a lot to me for your support and love. Here are to the next 6 months and many more stories, pictures and of course, passport stamps.

It was 6 months ago I finally started the journey I had been dreaming about. I got off a plane in Pescara, Italy and loaded up the rental car with 25 KG bag and carry on. Driving in the night to the house in Montefino, picking up pizza to eat and some beer along the way.  With pizza sauce on my shirt minutes after arriving, I sat at the table with Sean. We ate in silence, just smiles as we realized this was it. There was no more “next month, next week, tomorrow” It was today.

Lame picture and a pint before boarding our flight to Italy!

When I first started this blog I wasn’t sure what I wanted from it. If I wanted it to be an online journal, a collective or an actual travel blog. When I first started writing, I was very much in a mental place where I needed a space to write. I needed a space to figure out the thoughts and feelings that I have had, some hidden deep inside of me. It’s crazy to think how much mentally I have changed since then and at the same time, not at all.

6 months ago I was getting my anxiety under control and I was re-programming myself. That’s why I had a lot more personal blogs back then. Where as now, I suppose it is a bit more “travel blogger” but that’s because this is my life now. It’s a mixture of work and travel blogging. Mentally I am in the best place I have been, but of course, I have my bad days. Sometimes my anxiety still gets the best of me. Days like today, (August 12) where I couldn’t bring myself to leave the hotel room despite the fact we only have two full days left in Saigon. I just couldn’t do it. So, instead, I binged on Netflix and researched for my next trip (Cambodia) and cuddled with Sean. I don’t feel bad though. I needed it so I did it.

When I first started this space it was because in some ways I wanted to be held accountable for whoever decided to follow along. I knew that some days I was going to need a little push to put myself out there. That push was this blog. It’s a little lame and a little vain but I’m okay with that. This blog has helped me discover things within myself that I forgot even existed.

This has been such a rewarding experience and I have gotten to do it with my best friend by my side. I’m not sure If I could have done this without him. No, literally he made this website for me. But he has also held me when I’ve cried. He has told me to suck it up when I was being bratty or ridiculous. He puts the band aid on when I fall off a sidewalk and has reassured me that we will get through this together.

During these last 6 months we have kayaked the sea, climbed mountains, eaten questionable meat and so much more…

In Italy, I learned to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and to take a moment a few times a day. Croatia taught me to be okay with the jiggle of my thighs in front of anyone and everyone. Bosnia lite the flame for us to travel to the lesser known places. The States allowed me laughs and biscuits with friends and family. Thailand allowed me to feel the air on my face as I scootered up and down mountain roads. Vietnam reminded me that sometimes people will stare and that when given an option to jump off a boat you always jump.

Today, I arrived in Cambodia. A few days from now I will be watching the sunrise on Angor Wat. A destination I have dreamed about for years. The best part is, I am making my dreams come true. Not anyone else but me. I am reminded to continue to keep my Arms Wide Open for there is much more to see. Not every journey will be fun and some won’t go as planned but I’ll get there in the end. You best bet that I will continue to write these lists, my rambles, and tips as I do.

Thank you,