Home. It has been a strange concept for me for as long as I remember. I have never been the sort of girl who lived in the same house on the same street her whole life. My life was always on the go. As a daughter of a now retired Diplomat, the longest we could stay in one place was 4 years. As such, visiting home is something I am no stranger of but since my twenties, I’ve found visiting home to be more special but also, a little bit harder.

It is weird to watch your family and friends have their lives from a distance. When something is going on and you can’t be there to help. Or being involved in their life day to day. When they are together having fun or getting brunch, it is hard. When living abroad there are so many wonderful things but, you are also missing out on life back home. Luckily for me, my friends and family understand this. It also helps that thanks to Messenger, Whatsapp and my T-Mobile International plan, it sometimes can feel like I am right there.

I recently spent 3 weeks home after being gone for 2 years. The circumstances that brought me back were not the happiest. I had come to say goodbye to a friend and be there for one of my best friends. It was hard but was important to me to be there. So, we put our original plans on pause to make sure we could and I am so glad we did.

In those 2 years,  friends have gotten engaged, babies have been had and for some, houses have even been bought. Some have found love and others are still swiping left and right and having fun. The best thing about going home? Was it felt exactly like that, home.

This post has no real purpose except to show off the incredible time I had while back one photo at a time. So enjoy, it was really hard to just pick a few pictures!

This right here is the latest edition to the family. It has made me sad to miss her and her sisters birth but whenever I see them I promise that I’ll be the cool aunt, and take them to Europe.


Duncan, take a picture with me in front of this cool ass Buddha wall. Also, world meet my brother.


These girls are my heart and my sisters.


The original squad.


This picture should be next to the definition of side-eye. Julia was not impressed with my pottery painting skills but we will see how she feels when I take her to Europe one day.


Whispering sweet nothings to my IHOP plate is a normal thing for me to do when I am home.


Sean adapted well to the American sizing of things…


Trip to America

Tacos and $100 worth of margaritas were consumed that night because we drink hard…


When your friends with someone before you had boobs, you know you’ve been friends a long ass time!


How do you feel when you visit home?

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