Travel Essentials

These days traveling is not as luxurious as it used to be. Combined with security concerns and airlines more focused on putting as many bodies in an airplane then customer service, travel can be stressful. It can also be long and for some anxiety-ridden. Here are 8 Travel Essentials (beyond the basics of travel adapters and toiletries) that will help make your next trip, short or long a little more enjoyable!

Water Bottle

I recently started to make sure to always carry a water bottle with me when I travel. I make sure it is empty by the time I come through security. Most airports are pretty great about having fountains that travelers can use. I always make sure to fill it up before getting on board. It makes a difference to not have to wait for service. Trust me it is worth the extra water weight :p


10 years have passed and every single time I have gotten on a plane I have my most trusted companion, a light-weigh scarf. It is so versatile. I’ve used it as a pillow, blanket, light-shield, and nose-blocker. The other great thing about having a scarf? Wearing one can instantly make you look a little more put-together. Even when you are wearing leggings and have been traveling for 20+ hours.  I ALWAYS pack a scarf, even when traveling to warm-weather destinations. It can later be used as a sarong or even a light-weight towel!


So long are the days of using all my carry-on lbs on books now that Kindles are here. As much as I love holding a book in my hands and turning the page, a Kindle just makes more travel sense. Not only can you get a Kindle Unlimited Subscription but books tend to be cheaper making it more cost-affordable if you are a book lover like me.


Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are so dang convenient. They can be used to freshen up after those long-hauls. Or layovers.  Spilled something on your shirt? Baby wipe it up. Feeling hot and need a quick cool down?  Baby wipe it up. Wearing makeup and want to take it off? Baby wipe it up. Tray table a little gross? Baby wipe it up. It goes on and on my friends! I always make sure to travel with these bad boys. They don’t take up much room and honestly, I have never not used them. Plus, most countries in the world have them. Making it easy to restock and affordable!

Portable Charger

I can’t remember the days when I have not used one thing electronically. Between my Kindle, GoPro, and iPhone this has been one of the best purchases I have made. Personally went with the RAVPower Turbo Charger and it works incredibly. I will admit, more and more airplanes are providing as USB charger in your seat but think beyond the flight!

Seriously, I have used this charger when riding on a Tuk Tuk, in the middle of the ocean on a long tail boat and even overnight when I’m just a little too lazy to find my plug. Having a portable charger gives you a bit more freedom to explore and not worry about your phone dying. For many, we use our phones as not only our cameras but as a map and there is nothing worse than being stranded in the middle of no-where.

Skin Soothing Mostrieuser Spray

I don’t know if this is an in my head thing but traveling with Tatcha is a must for me. It instantly makes me feel a little more human after just one spray. I use the Dewy Skin Mist to help feel refreshed but also if my face is feeling a bit dry.  Between this and the baby wipes, It feels almost like a shower (almost…).

Passport Bag

Overtime my passport bag has become a little travel bag. I always make sure to keep my passport in it. I keep extra passport photo’s, a photocopy of my passport and emergency money in there. For me and my anxiety, this bag is a must do. It helps because it has a zip so it keeps things separate. There are fancy passport holders, but I just use a simple one I got years ago at an accessorises shop for ten bucks. It is nice, because after I land, I just grab the bag and hold onto it as I go through Immigration.

passport bag

Spotify Subscription

I mean, I HAVE TO HAVE MY HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK OFFERED OFFLINE. For the price and the perks you get, it really is no brainer.


There you have it, my 8 Travel Essentials that I always make sure to take with me no matter the distance. What do you always make sure to travel with? Share below!


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