When one thinks of Croatia, I can guarantee you no one will think of the food as one of the highlights but I’m here to tell you that Split offers some fantastic food. Not only that but their local dishes might just be on par with their across the sea neighbours in Italy… Including a black risotto that any seafood lover would adore. So if you are on a budget (but don’t mind an occasional splurge) here are 6 places to eat while in Split.

Sexy Cow

Split Croatia

Just look at that beauty… #yum

This place is cheap, friendly and delicious. It is a little out of the way but worth it. With homemade tortials wraps made to order, it’s like a burger paniani and boy is it good. I got the Naughty Cow with a Kit Kat Milkshake. The vibe is chill and deff the perfect spot for lunch before exploring Diloctians Palace.

Where to find them: Ul. Zrinsko Frankopanska 6, 21000, Split, Croatia


This for all uncertain terms is a tourist restaurant. It is just a few minutes away from the famous Split Promemnade but service is quick, portions are large and the prices are cheap! Is is the best quality? No, but it did the trick and everything was fresh. Also, it is along the way to Marjan Hill making it a perfect pit stop to fuel before climbing up those stairs for one of the best views of Split.

Where to find them: Trumbićeva obala 11, 21000, Split, Croatia


This is not in downtown Split but almost any taxi driver will know where to take you and for good reason. If you are a vegetarian, I would stay away because this place has the best meat in the town. I would recommend skiiping the apptetiser course and ordering the house wine (red or white) with the Mixed Grill Platter. It comes with chips but order a side salad. Do that to at least to make yourself feel a bit better about all the meat you are about to consume.  This platter comes with traditional meats and sausages and some classics like a buger stuffed with cheese and chicken grilled to perfection! Be warned though, service here is slow…. Very, very slow.

Where to find them: Hektorovićeva ul., 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Konoba Ostarija U Vidakovi

If you want to try out one of Croatia’s specialities and most popular dishes – peka, then this is the place to go. Due to the requirments on how to cook it not many places in Split can cook this dish authentically so finding a place that does is a hard one. We were recommended this place and it was the best meal we had while in Split. Full-disclosure,  you have to let them know you want peka at least a day ahead of time so they can cook it in time. Otherwise it could be midnight before you eat!

Peka is a a blend of vegetables and meat drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with herbs, and then baked to perfection under a bell-like dome, or ispod čripnje. It is not cheap but not breaking the bank either with the amount of food you get and a good bottle of wine. Plus, our waiter was fantastic and offered us the right appertives and gave us some history of food and Croatia adding to an already delightful meal.

Where to find them: prilaz braće Kaliterna 8, 21000, Split, Croatia

Konoba Nevera

If you want to have the best fish platter of your life then this is the place for you. This Taverna has been cooking fish for years and is full of locals and tourists on any given day. I would recommend calling ahead or stopping by earlier in the day to make a reservation. The wait can be up to an hour on certain nights. We went here on a date night and the ambiance of the restaurant helped make date night feel a little more romantic.

Make sure to get the cuttlefish risotto (another Dalmatian speciality). Tip from me to you is go  for a litre of wine. Don’t make our mistake of getting half a litre as you will order more (which we did). It just pairs too well with the fish for you to no drink!

Where to find them: Put Firula 17, 21000, Split, Croatia

Bobis Bakery

This is a chain. But man oh man do I love them! They offer the typical pastries from around the world but also a few Croatian specialties as well. They are a full service bakery but also serve ice cream, sandwiches/wraps, bread and great drinks. You’ll see this chain spread out across Split and after a taste you will understand why. I recommend that if you want to sit on the promenade in Split then go to Bobis. It’s the ONLY one with local prices so your iced frappe won’t break the bank and you’ll get a view.

Where to find them: On almost every corner

So there you have it, 6 Places To Eat In Split Croatia!