Freelance Life

Looking to breakout on your own or maybe just earn a little bit of extra income? Here are my three tips to finding yourself some freelance work!


Seriously, you should never be afraid to use your own personal network. When I first started doing this, I messaged key people just telling them that I was now branching out into Freelance so that if they knew anyone to send them my way. Because of this, I got my first client. Don’t feel like messaging? Then do a general post announcement because you don’t know who someone knows but also by announcing that you are looking for a bit of work or what your services are, more then likely your name will pop up into someones head and they’ll send people your way because of it.

  1. Cold Email

Do your research and create a pitch on what you can do for them and how by even just having a  conversation with you, you are sure you can convince them to bring you on for a one month trial. This works, also for people looking for internships and jobs. In fact it was how I got hired not once but twice. Cold emails work when you do your research.

  1. The Internet

There are hundreds of apps and website out there that people use to post job listings. It can be hard to distinguish which ones are worth your time and which ones are scams. BEWARE SCAMS. In my opinion, this is the worst possible way to get work as the time spent researching and pitching rarely lead to work.

There are sites like UpWork but you will always be competing with someone who offers $10 an hour when you charge $30 and more often then not, they will go with the cheaper option. Don’t waste your time.

Instead, I would focus on growing your personal network in Facebook groups such as Digital Nomads Around The World and posting articles on Medium or your own website to show you’re an expert in your field. Blog it till you make it!

These are by no means the only ways to find work or guarantee work. It is just my observations and experince that have led me to write these. Any questions? Put them below and I’ll answer!