Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with Airbnb… and when I don’t, I use to figure out a place to stay and it hasn’t let me down yet.

Caitlin, Sean’s sister came to visit us and her flight arrived just a little too late for her to catch the bus to Pescara for us to pick her up which meant we needed to drive to Rome to pick her up.  I wasn’t to keen on driving 5 hours round trip, dealing with parking, paying for the tolls and gas. That alone would cost us about 100 euros so we decided to take the bus up a few hours early and stay the night in Rome instead. It would cost pretty much the same and meant less stress for everyone and it also meant more time in Rome… So why not? Added bonus I could pick up my brand new passport from the US Embassy without a special trip.

Sean and I were happy to splurge for a room in Rome but we needed a bit of space as we were sharing a room with his sister in order to stick to our budget. We also needed wifi so that we could work and we didn’t want to be too far away from anything. Luckily, we found Sweet Stay in Rome via which provided a lovely room with everything we needed about 5 minutes away from Ottaviano metro that got us to where we wanted to go within 20 minutes. For a double bed and trundle + breakfast we paid 55 euros, including city tax per person. It was a deal and a steal and I won’t lie the pictures online made it look great but I am always a bit weary when a price is a little too good to be true, even when it is off season travel.

Upon arriving at the building, I instantly saw one reason for such a great price and it wasn’ the location (which was fantastic) but there was construction… The hotel was located on the second or first floor depending on your view of things. For those looking to book at a small Inn or BnB in Rome, one thing that I’ve found to be true for a lot of them is they tend to be in apartment buildings and they have modified apartment floors and rooms. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they have multiple rooms on different floors. This is fairly common practice so if you do not like the sound of that then make sure to do your research or stick with bigger hotel chains. If you don’t mind, expect to see and stay in some cool buildings in local neighborhoods. It is sort of the best of both worlds sort of thing plus almost always there is a good mix of tourists and locals which I enjoy.

The lady who checked us in was sweet and our room looked exactly like the pictures. It was a nice room though the bathroom smelt faintly of something that I can’t quite put my nose on. You can tell it was new and it wasn’t ultra luxurious but it was comfortable and nice. Plenty of pillows and the wifi was strong. You could hear when people came and go as the walls weren’t very thick but the bed sheets were clean and the bathroom was nice despite the smell and for the price, I was very very happy.

Image from Sweet Stay In Rome

We all slept well until the construction workers came and we could hear the banging softly. I was already up so it didn’t really bother me but a bit of warning would have been nice from the hotel about it. I wouldn’t have minded because of the price but if I had paid more I would not have been impressed. The true hidden gem of our stay here beside the location, the friendliness of the lady who checked us in and the wifi speed was the breakfast option. We were given an option between two places to eat in the morning and we were pleasantly surprised. We went to the Cafe that was just down the street, not even a 2 minute walk away and were treated to sugar donuts, chocolate donuts, croissants and a panini with coffee and juice. They even brought us a vegan croissant due to Sean’s sister being gluten intolerant. They were busy with locals getting their morning espresso at the bar and they were nice. It was a great way to start our day before we explored Rome.

Would I stay there again? 100% if the price was pretty much the same. It delivered exactly what was promised and I’d be willing to pay more if they guaranteed no more construction. It is clear they put time and thought into how to decorate the room and the location was great. Plus it was comfortably big enough for three adults to stay in! So if you are looking for a budget-friendly place to stay near the Vatican, I would recommend a stay at Sweet Stay in Rome.

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