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7 Things I Love To Do In Rome

7 Things I Love To Do In Rome

I’m lucky, I’ve gotten to go to Rome a few times recently and have stayed and explored in different parts of the city which is why I have compiled this little list of things That I Love To Do In Rome and you might love them too!

  1. Eating a Gelato. Do not pay more than 3 euros for two scoops. If you do, you are being ripped off. Do not do that. When you do get gelato make sure to get it in a cone and eat it while you walk around. Look at everything and at no one so you can lick in peace.
  2. Walking until my feet hurt. If you are able, put the comfy shoes on and forgo the 7 euro 24-hour public transportation pass and walk instead. Most tourist attractions are within walking distances of one other. Not only is it a great way to see the city but you stumble upon things that you would have missed otherwise. When you are tired and need to rest your weary feet, make sure to stop at a café, get a drink (or gelato #2) and rest. Walk until you are moody and then take the metro back to wherever you are staying.
  3. Villa Borghese gardens. Go when you don’t have anywhere to be as it is Rome’s 3rd largest park in the city. Rent a bike and cycle all around or walk. Admire the very tall and pretty pine trees. Again, maybe get a gelato. I stumbled upon this place and I am so glad I did. It is also a great place to take pictures.
  4. Eating Carbonara. I love Carbonara so when you are Rome, just eat it. I don’t care where but just eat it. It’s a Roman classic and it’s delicious.
  5. Having an aperitif at café bar and if weather permits doing it outside. Enjoy people watching as you sip on your Aperol and enjoy a mini meal.
  6. Throwing a coin in Trevi Fountain. I know, people think this place is overrated and a total tourist trap but guess what, IT’S OKAY TO BE A TOURIST. There is something fun and hopeful about Trevi and whether you believe in the myth of it or not, I always find myself tossing a coin in. A little tip, enter on the left-hand side as it is never as crowded for some reason and the view is just as good.
  7. Getting lost. Whenever I go to Rome and I get lost I have always discovered something from a breathtaking view of the Vatican at a distance to a direct and cheaper train to the bus station or even just a good place to get food or a really pretty corner to take a picture of.

What would make it onto your list of things you love to do in Rome? Tell me below!



28 thoughts on “7 Things I Love To Do In Rome”

  • Gelato is number one on my list as well! If I’m honest, it’s actually also numbers 2, 3 and 4 😉
    And I get hopelessly lost in Rome (and pretty much everywhere in Italy) BUT you’re right, whenever you get lost you discover awesome things. Usually things that I would never have thought of putting on the itinerary!

  • I’ve been twice to Rome and it failed to impress me. Nevertheless I love love love to walk a lot and eat gelato haha
    I also like to just kill time on the Spanish Steps.

    • Yeah, Rome grows on me every time I go back. I think once you discover the little sections of what the neighbourhoods have to offer then it’s a lot more enjoyable and you go to the one that fits your vibe/mood!

  • Rome is one of my FAVORITE cities in the world. I studied abroad there 10 years ago and have returned since then. The carbonara pasta is my favorite, and I always make sure to get some hazelnut gelato. 🙂 Sounds like you are loving Rome too. La vita e bella!

  • Nice summary of all the good things in Rome! We also loved the gelato and walked quite a bit ourselves too! In my opinion it’s the best way to explore a city. You can see so much more and can feel the vibe that goes around in the different neighbourhoods. Trevi was being restored while we were there though, so maybe we should go back and see it in all its glory 🙂

  • Roma, the city which has to be explored but is so crowded in peak season. I like the city and want to give it another chance, but can’t stand the crowds especially at the Vatican and that arena. 😀 Roma wasn’t built in a day and nor for visitors…but its still a magical, vibrant city which is full of history. Loving the post and photos.

    • I agree, Rome when crowded is not the best. Which is why I love visiting during off-season travel. Not only is it more pleasant but the weather is warm without any sweat marks!

  • I love Italian food and I can only imagine that the food in Rome is divine. The history and culture in Italy have always fascinated me. I’ve visited Sicily and loved the place but the mainland is still to be explored.

  • YES! Walk around and eat gelato, that is the best part of Rome. I had carbonara 3 times; you are so right, it is SO good! I am not a big meat eater, but I have craved carbonara ever since we got home.

  • I agree with all of these suggestions. I love Roman gelato and carbonara and I love getting lost in Rome. The only thing I didn’t do was throw a coin in the Trevi because it was under construction when I was there. Next time!

  • That Gelato looks incredibly delicious! Love the architecture of the Trevi Fountain. I saw the replica of it at Cesar’s Palace, Las Vegas! Looks like you had so much fun on your trip!

  • Wow! This has gotten me so excited for my trip to Italy in May. I can’t wait to eat endless gelato. I’m glad I got your tip on not spending more than three Euros for two scoops. I’ll definitely keep that in mind!

    • Ahh you will have so much fun! If you need any tips do let me know and if you can, try to visit what I call the middle child of Italy aka the Abruzzo Region. Beautiful mountains to beaches and fantastic food!

  • Gelato number 1 where it belongs 😉 I can’t believe I still haven’t been to Rome. I love food, love ice cream and love history so it seems like the perfect place to go. Great tips!

    • It depends on what type of traveler you are. If you don’t mind sort of speed-walking and looking at places and not always going in then yes 2 days is enough to see the basics. If you are the type of traveler though that can spend hours in a museum then I would plan for 3 days!

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