This is going to be my first post of what I hope to be of many down the line and next few months of Local Tips that hopefully will prove to be useful for you if you are ever in the country or help you plan future trips.

For my inaugural post I am going to be writing all about FlixBus and my LOVE for them in Italy. They are cheap, have an easy to use website AND app plus they’re dependable and did I mention comfortable?! I had to go into Rome to renew my passport and wasn’t too keen on doing the drive, paying the tolls and figuring out parking in or just of the city but nor did I exactly want to take the 5-hour regional train either and bus journey’s have never really been on my radar except as a last resort. My mom kept telling me to check out FlixBus and I finally did and it was and has been one of the best things I’ve done so far in Italy. So thanks Mom and sorry it took me so long to listen to you… Don’t get used to it though!

There website was user-friendly and the prices though a little more expensive than the train would have been but it was a 3-hour shorter journey and for pretty last minute, I couldn’t complain. Side note… a quick search would have had prices starting at 4 euros one way about 2 and half weeks out so it’s helpful to know that even last-minute wasn’t budget breaking.

Next, there seats were actually comfortable and at 5’8 I had about 10 maybe even 12 inches YES, INCHES in front of me. No knees to the seat for this gal and they had an actual skylight on the sides (this was only on the second bus, the skylight not the space. That was on both trips) and in seemingly Italian fashion there was also an Espresso Machine on-board but I noticed this little fact towards the end of my journey so can’t divulge how good it was. The main thing was, I felt comfortable and that I had the ability to move and as a plus size traveler it is rare for me to find this sort of comfort without having to pay premium prices and was a fantastic way to stay a very early morning journey. Plus, the views were incredible. Having done the train to Rome from Pescara, it was pretty but the drive was breathtaking, especially on the way back when the sun was setting. I mean just take a look at this semi-shitty quality picture I snapped that lets you get an idea of how pretty it would be in real life…

Not too shabby eh…  So if you are looking for a way to get around Italy on a budget and want a different view from train track then I highly recommend using FlixBus. I know I am already looking to see when and where I can use them again.

PS I apologise for the no pictures. I was just enjoying the journey to much to take a picture or five but promise next time I will do a photoshoot to show just HOW MUCH SPACE YOU GET.