No pasta impasta here. This Carbonara was probably the best I’ve ever had. Fun fact about Osteria dell’Angelo it was started by a former rugby player thus why it is full of Rugby memorabilia so do not be thrown off when you first enter the restaurant! 

Sean and I came here because years ago Sean ate here on a family holiday and he had one of the best dishes of his life there and after 3 different trips to Rome I made sure we finally went there. It is always a bit tricky when you go back to a place because you risk ruining the original memory, luckily for Sean that did not happen. We ate 3 courses and had a bottle of still water plus wine for 25 euros reach. A bit steep but you can order a single dish which we didn’t realize until the end… Opps!

As soon as we sat down we were brought fresh bread and strange but tasty starter. I’m not sure what it was called but it was tuna, potato and garlic pate served stone cold. For our pasta dish, I got the carbonara.  The pancetta was so crispy. I had never tasted pancetta like that before. Every bite of the dish I, I kept thinking “Am I really eating something that tastes this good?”  Sean got a pasta with cheese and a very red tomato sauce but to be honest, I would get the carbonara every time. Who doesn’t love a good cream based food?  For our main’s we both got rabbit served with a white wine and garlic sauce and black olives. It was rabbit dish that Sean remembers fondly from this place and though this dish was different from the one he had years ago, we were both happy with it albeit a bit full from the previous two courses.

All in all, I would recommend this place and you know a place is good when it’s full of Italians on Tuesday at lunchtime making it an authentic and delicious place to eat in Rome and did I mention it’s only a 15-minute walk to the Vatican?



Via G. Bettolo, 24-32, Roma, Italy

Open Monday-Saturday