There is nothing like a first love. You smile and you blush and you never forget exactly how you felt when it came over you. My first love came in the form of a spectacle wearing, scar wielding boy named Harry Potter.

I have loved reading my whole life. I would open a book and devour it, finishing it quickly. When I would go away on family holidays or long airplane rides, I would pack 7-12 books because there is nothing worse than running out of books when you are away and well, I always have been an over-packer. I’m not a strong reader, I don’t love the classics and I am very okay with the fact that I would take a fantasy book over Bronte any day (sorry English Degree) but the thing about books is they don’t judge you for reading them, people do and luckily now with Kindles I can read all the Young Adult books that I want or a sappy free romance novels Amazon offer without judgment.

When I was younger, I would read every night but then when I got my first Toshiba and internet, it got replaced. I went through phases but whenever I felt sad or alone, I found comfort in a book every time. In college, I read for school and soon I found myself reading Facebook posts and blog posts instead of books. I’d start a series but then would get distracted. When I finished school in December 2013, one of the first things I did when I moved back home was to get a library card. I read and read up until the day I left for London. Then life got to me again. But now, here I am. Traveling and already I’ve read 4 books from my Unlimited Kindle subscription (on a free trail right now and have to say the books might not be the best BUT for 10 bucks you can’t really complain).  I wake up in the morning and I spend 2 hours reading every day. At night, I read instead of falling asleep to the sounds of The Good Wife and I’m falling all in love again via my Kindle Paperwhite.

So I might not get the same feelings as I once did and feel the turn of the page, but even now all these years later I still remember my first love and is there anything better than a book? Even a shitty one does wonders for the soul.

What should I be adding to my list? Tell me below!